Joensuu Lyseum is situated in the center of the city. The main aim with the design was the functional and modifiable premises but also the improvement of the architectonic impression of the city. Impressiveness was achieved by the choice of material, copper and glass.

The building has a double cover, a silk printed glass elements on the top of the walls and either oxidized copper plates or dark metal plates underneath.

Our project consisted of installing 2200 m2 of coffered copper wall and 2000 m2 bitumen roof with steel flashings. The lower parts of the walls were installed with wooden panels behind the copper in order to keep the walls straight.

The challenge of this project were the brackets for the glass wall that needed to be fixed through the coffered copper wall.

Area of the coffered copper wall: 2200 m2
Area of the bitumen roof: 2000 m2

Project: Joensuu Lyseum

Location/Town: Finland