The main idea in Hösmärinpuisto School is ecology and sustainability, also when it comes to the roof. According to the architect Yrjö Suonto the roof is the beginning of the building, it protects all other building parts.

The roof of Hörmärinpuisto School is very rigid and long-lasting. All the risks with humidity are minimized: on solid wooden base there is a seam and point glued bitumen underlayer, on top of that a ventilation gap, then wood lining and on top of all a standing seam steel roof. So there is a kind of double roof.

The complexity of the roof with its many ridges and valleys made the project challenging. The roof is sloping to the inner courtyard in order to get more daylight there and in to the building via the big glass walls.

Area of the roof: 3000 m2

Project: The Hösmärinpuisto School

Location/Town: Finland

Architect: Yrjö Suonto