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Nordic Waterproofing’s LESSNOX membranes allows you to reduce the volumes of NOx –particles in the air. Emissions of NOx particles are the results from fires, cars, trucks and operations are increasing. These particles are contaminating the air and is harmful to the environment.

The LESSNOX membrane is a part of the solution. The slate is coated with titan dioxide which is accelerating the decomposition to nitrate. Nitrate is then assimilated by growing plants.


Since 1987, Veg Tech has produced and developed systems for urban greenery and vegetation technology. We were the first with patented system solution for sedum roofs, we have developed substrates with unique properties for nutrient buffering and water retention ability to cope with exposed conditions on roofs, among other things.

We produce our own biochar of local raw material to use in our products and systems for the benefit of our customers. The use of biochar at our cultivation in Vislanda corresponds to an annual carbon sink of 335 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which can be equated to 134,000 pcs of ordinary 90-gram hamburgers.

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Nordic Waterproofing acquires 25% of the shares in Playgreen Finland Oy, a Finnish company mainly active in the design, sale and installations of solar energy solutions. The company offers tailor-made environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions to its customers who are installed on public buildings, industries, farms or private houses.

Playgreen Finland Oy also has the capacity to design and install charging stations for electric cars. The acquisition fits well with the group’s strategy to increase its exposure to sustainable solutions for the construction sector.