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LESSNOX turns NOx into nitrate

Nordic Waterproofing’s LESSNOX membranes allows you to reduce the volumes of NOx –particles in the air. Emissions of NOx particles are the results from fires, cars, trucks and operations are increasing. These particles are contaminating the air and is harmful to the environment.

The LESSNOX membrane is a part of the solution. The slate is coated with titan dioxide which is accelerating the decomposition to nitrate. Nitrate is then assimilated by growing plants.

Green roofs

Daily Post HV bildDuring the last 50 years, the global climate has changed. Heavy rains and storms are now an inevitable part of today’s reality. Buildings and especially roofs are exposed to large amounts of rain water which has pushed the evolution of draining systems.

Nordic Waterproofing offers solutions as the Green roofs, which in some countries is required for new building projects. Green roofs has an efficient way of draining rain water and could reduce the amount of rainwater pipes by 50 percent.

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Cooling off by Mataki I-Reflex coating

Mataki I-ReflexMataik I-Reflex is a coating that is placed on the surface of a bitumen membrane, and as a result is deflecting up to 78 percent of the sun’s energy. By using Mataki I-Reflex energy costs are noticeably reduced in buildings that are cooled by air-condition equipment.

The coating is constructed by heat stabilizing and sun deflecting UV-pigments, reducingthe temperature at the membrane with up to 40 percent. This means that the indoor-climate is cooled by 10-15 degrees Celsius in a warm summerday.

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