Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Our vision

Nordic Waterproofing’s vision is to be the leading and preferred full-service supplier of innovative, easy-to-implement and reliable waterproofing products and services for the protection of buildings and infrastructure.

Our mission

Making waterproofing easy

Nordic Waterproofing is fully committed to understanding customers’ needs and to always exceeding their expectations. Nordic Waterproofing makes it easy and safe for customers by providing a full range of high-quality Products and the highest level of service on the services

Nordic Waterproofing’s products are developed to protect buildings and infrastructure, and the Company continuously strives to improve and expand its product range.

Nordic Waterproofing achieve its exceptional level of service through a strong local presence, smart logistics solutions and, most importantly, a team of highly motivated employees.


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Nordic Waterproofing's strong brands protect homes, buildings and infrastructure.