Make waterproofing so easy that every structure and building in the world is protected, enabling everyone to live and work in healthy, good atmosphere environments.


We make waterproofing easy

Protecting people and what’s important to them by creating reliable waterproofing solutions for buildings and infrastructure.



We show enthusiasm for what we do, always. Whenever we take on a responsibility, we make sure we follow it through with the highest quality possible, and with accuracy to the last detail. We show pride in our individual responsibilities and never move on until we can look at our customer, fellow co-worker or a newly developed product and say: ’it cannot be done better than this’. We reward passion and enthusiasm, enabling people to grow within the company.


Our customers trust us as a partner as well as the products and solutions we offer. We care for that trust. And we do everything we can to maintain it. In order to maintain this trust we take responsibility for ensuring our product development, services and customer relations are characterized by first class reliability.


We are a large organisation, with a well-developed, flexible and efficient logistics system. We also have the little company’s characteristics. This is because we have created, and actively maintain, a simple structure which we operate within. We trust our people’s own professional judgement and promote quick decision making for the benefit of our customers, and their often challenging time schedules.


We want Nordic Waterproofing Group to be a great company – as an employer, as an investment and as a supplier. Our Code of Conduct outlines how all of us at Nordic Waterproofing Group and its subsidiaries should behave. It is supported by further, more detailed policies and procedures at the Group and subsidiary levels.

High ethical standards are essential to our continued success and we want to be a trusted partner to employees, investors, customers, partners and other stakeholders. Nordic Waterproofing Group is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. In the Code, we address the areas where we uphold the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

The Code applies to all employees, Board members, consultants, agents and others working for or with us, always and in all markets.