Kerabit is a Finnish brand of roofing and waterproofing products that offers suitable solutions for all roofs.

Kerabit Tuotteet is an expert in roofing and waterproofing construction that serves construction material retailers, construction companies and contractors as well as consumers through hardware shops. The products are constantly developed with the aim of using more ecological and low-carbon solutions.

The majority of Kerabit products are manufactured in Finland at the Lohja plant. The operations are constantly developed to provide our customers with the best possible roofing and waterproofing solutions. The production processes are extensively certified, and Kerabit bitumen products are CE marked.

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Kerabit Katto delivers and renovates all types of roofs, sets up yard decks and provides waterproofing for bridges.

Kerabit Katto delivers bitumen, brick, metal, green and element roofs as well as yard deck structures from the load-bearing structure upwards all over Finland. The contract can also include flashings and structural work.

The range of services also includes roof renovations regardless of roof type and roofing material, as well as yard deck renovations and waterproofing for bridges.

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Kerabit Kattohuolto carries out condition inspections, roof maintenance and repairs for all types of roofs all over Finland.

When the roof is maintained regularly, unexpected damage and significant repair costs can be avoided. With regular roof maintenance by Kerabit Kattohuolto’s professionals, the service life of the roof can, in the best cases, be doubled. With years of experience, Kerabit Kattohuolto helps to choose services that extend the service life of the roof and are correctly dimensioned.

Kerabit Kattohuolto safeguards the best interest of customers. More than 100 roof maintenance professionals provide services all over Finland.

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Kerabit Julkisivut delivers facades of all materials and builds eaves using prefabricated eaves elements quickly and cost-effectively.

Kerabit Julkisivut delivers facade renovations and facade claddings for new buildings, starting from the related base structures to the finishing touches.

Metal facades in brass, copper or aluminium, for example, are a specialty. Although the company specialises in metal facades, stone and wood cladding solutions such as Accoya wood cladding and fibre-cement, laminate and composite cladding are also delivered with uncompromising professionalism.

Kerabit Julkisivut also manufactures RipRap eaves elements, the absolute advantage of which is their quick installation.

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Kerabit Kattoelementit designs, manufactures and installs both warm and cold roof elements.

Kerabit’s warm and cold roof elements are manufactured ready to install under controlled conditions at the Ylistaro plant. The roof elements come with a factory-installed bitumen underlay membrane, and the elements can also be ordered with the low-carbon Kerabit Nature membranes.

The delivery also always includes the design of the elements on the site’s terms and level of detail, which ensures a successful outcome, facilitates the building designer’s work and saves time, effort and money.

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Kerabit Pinta delivers wear-resistant and stylish flooring for demanding sites, varying from offices to industry – including ships. In addition, the range of services includes all industrial surface treatments.

Kerabit Pinta delivers demanding, easy-to-clean and stylish design flooring, as well as surfaces that are perfectly resistant to chemical and mechanical wear. The range of services includes flooring, ship decking and comprehensive industrial surface treatments.

Excellent security of supply, state-of-the-art equipment and materials, the most skilled experts in the industry and keeping to schedules make Kerabit Pinta a reliable flooring contractor and one of the leading flooring suppliers in Finland.

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Kerabit Aurinkosähkö designs and installs solar power systems, charging points for electric cars and energy storage solutions.

The development of photovoltaic technology has made solar power plants a viable option for both companies and private individuals. Solar electricity is a stable and sustainable form of energy that significantly decreases the electricity bill and pays itself back quickly. High-quality Kerabit solar power plants, charging points and energy storage solutions have a long lifecycle and a good yield – without high maintenance costs.

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