Our targets

With a set of well-defined financial and strategic targets, Nordic Waterproofing seeks to demonstrate how the Group generates value for its various stakeholders over time. These targets are well-supported and integrated into the business units of the decentralized organization.

The following targets are linked to the Group’s strategies:


Sales growth
Nordic Waterproofing’s goal is to exceed the growth experienced in the Group’s current markets through organic growth. In addition, the Group expects to grow through selective acquisitions

Profitability >13 %
Generate a return on capital employed (ROCE) exceeding  13 percent.

Capital structure <3.0 x
Net debt/EBITDA multiple, Net debt in relation to EBITDA (R12M basis) shall not exceed a multiple of 3.

Dividend policy >50 %
The dividend policy states an annual dividend exceeding 50 percent of the net profit. The proposed dividend will be based on the Group’s financial position, investment needs, liquidity position, as well as general economic and business conditions.


See targets under Sustainability and Climate change.