Roofing products

Nordic Waterproofing offers a broad range of roofing products which are adapted for different types of roofing and needs.

The products create long-term (often up to 50 years) and robust protection for roofs and properties, irrespective of the climate to which they are exposed. Our roofing products are sold primarily in the Nordic region. The Company’s roofing products are broken down into flat roofing waterproofing products, pitched roofing waterproofing products, and roofing accessories.

Flat roofs
– Primarily commercial properties

The Group’s products have unique technical qualities and can be adapted to different environments, types of property and surfaces.

The products are mainly made of bitumen (roofing felt) and EPDM (rubber membrane) with up to 50 years durability.
Installation of waterproofing for flat roofs is demanding and is usually performed by professional roofing contractors, including Nordic Waterproofing’s wholly owned roofing contractors in Finland and Norway and part-owned franchise companies in Denmark.

Pitched roofs
– mainly residential buildings

Products installed on pitched roofs are more visible than products used for flat roofs. The design and appearance of the products are therefore important factors for the customer. These products are sold primarily to building suppliers and are usually installed by private individuals and independent smaller contractors or carpenters.

Accessories – for complete solutions

As a provider of complete roofing solutions, Nordic Waterproofing also offers a broad range of essential accessories that complement the Group’s products, such as plastic sheets, foundations, moisture barriers and roof safety. The accessories are sourced from several suppliers and often constitute an important factor in the complete solution. Accessories
are sold both through building suppliers and directly to contractors.