Prefabricated Elements


Nordic Waterproofing’s subsidiaries Taasinge Elementer in Denmark, Seikat in Finland and RVT in Norway add a high added value by manufacturing prefabricated building elements. The prefabricated elements are a sustainable solution being based on a wooden frame. All production is project-based where the elements are developed in close dialogue with builders and architects for the best design and solution.

The elements comprise roofs, facades and interior walls as well as floors and are ready for installation with insulation, windows and doors, external and internal surface layer as well as being prepared for electrical wiring and ventilation. The prefabricated elements are mainly produced for larger buildings such as offices, plants and warehouses, retail, multi-storey residential buildings, community properties, swimming and sports halls, etc.

Assembly takes place in an indoor environment in a controlled climate. The project-based production means that each order is unique and therefore the production is difficult to automate and is largely carried out by carpenters and installers. The production time from design to delivery is typically 8 –12 weeks.


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