Nordic Waterproofing is one of the leading providers in the waterproofing market in Northern Europe. The Group develops, manufactures and distributes a full range of products and solutions for the protection of buildings and infrastructure. Ease of installation, energy and environmental optimisation are key components of the offer.


Nordic Waterproofing’s operations are divided into two operating segments.

Products & Solutions

The segment’s products and solutions on the market can be divided into:

  • Waterproofing products for roofs, made mainly of bitumen (roofing felt) and PVC, but also of EPDM (rubber membranes) and TPO (thermoplastic olefin, a synthetic plastic material), as well as roofing accessories such as fasteners.
  • Construction products, including various types of membranes for buildings, such as sublayers (moisture, wind and vapor barrier) made of bitumen and EPDM.
  • Prefabricated elements including façade elements, floors, walls and sandwich walls.
  • Green infrastructure, including sedum mats, roofs and public areas and vegetation for dams and reservoirs.

Manufacturing takes mainly place indoors in a controlled environment, which is a prerequisite for managing high and consistent quality in production and for meeting increasing demands for a better working environment and more advanced technology.

Installation Services

The Installation Services operating segment comprises installation of waterproofing products and maintenance services. We have operations in all the four Nordic markets, in Denmark organized in franchise companies where we hold a minority shareholding.