IR policy

The Information policy has been adopted by the board of directors of Nordic Waterproofing, The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all information requirements are met in a complete and accurate manner.

Investor relations (IR) aims at creating and maintaining a knowledge about Nordic Waterproofing among key stakeholders, such as investors, analysts and journalist, and thereby contribute to the correct appraisal of the company’s share.

In all group-wide and financial communications, the CEO and the CFO are the principal spokespersons for Nordic Waterproofing.


As a listed company, Nordic Waterproofing must comply with general Swedish and Danish disclosure obligations applicable to listed companies, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and other relevant rules, regulations and standards concerning securities markets and financial reporting.


Nordic Waterproofing maintains a silent period of 30 days prior to and including the day of the Company’s publication of interim reports. During this period, representatives of the Group will not meet with financial media, analysts and investors or comment on any financial development.