We offer solutions and cultivated plants for green infrastructure, i.e. plant-based surfaces for roofs, facades and green areas in urban centres. Bio-based green surfaces contribute to biodiversity by protecting roof membranes, providing better building insulation against cold and hot temperatures system, by absorbing large parts of the city’s noise, dust, and air pollution, thus improving both the micro and macro climates. Plant-covered roofs can absorb up to 50 – 80 percent of the rainwater falling on the roof, reducing, or delaying the flow of rainwater into the drainage and preventing sewers from becoming overloaded. We also offer solutions for green infrastructure especially in urban areas, from parks to nature parks and open water.

Growers of plants for green infrastructure mainly act nationally as the plants are adapted for the same plant zone. The cultivation of vegetation is carried out in-house with the addition of chemical fertilisers and self-produced biochar, which acts as a carbon sink.