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Nordic Waterproofing is one of the leading suppliers of waterproofing products and services for buildings, infrastructure and other structures. We reach the market through our well-known brands, such as AL-Katot, Hetag Tagmaterialer, Kerabit, KerabitPro, Mataki, Nortett, Phønix Tag Materialer, SealEco and Trebolit.

Our production facilities for bitumen and EPDM products are located in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. In 2016, the Group had revenues of SEK 1.8 billion, currently employing 680 people and has operations in nine countries. Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S is since 10 June 2016 listed in the Mid Cap segment on Nasdaq Stockholm, with the stock ticker NWG.


Nordic Waterproofing Group is a leading producer and supplier of roofing and building products in the Nordics and holds leading positions in Denmark, Finland and Sweden respectively. The Group is a leading producer and supplier of EPDM products in Northern Europe. Sales offices are established in nine countries, with nine production and prefabrication units located in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Local focus and market knowledge are the basis for our business. Nordic Waterproofing has a strong portfolio of local brands and history dating back to 1889 when Trebolit was founded. With over 120 years’ of experience of the Nordic climate, we have over the years has continuously developed and expanded our product range based on our customers’ needs. Nordic Waterproofing is now a one-stop-shop including installation and other related services. Products and solutions account for two thirds of our business.

Our clients are mainly installers, building contractors, builders’ merchants, small installation firms and private customers. Our products are manufactured in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, and sold directly to private or independent installers or distributed via builders’ merchants. The channels vary depending on the complexity of the product and local market conditions. Nordic Waterproofing cooperate with several of the largest roofing contractors. Our products are market leaders in the areas of bitumen, EPDM and TPE-based membranes and characterized by high quality, local adaptation, ease of installation, energy and environmental awareness and long-life delivered with a high degree of service.

Our main markets are Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We also offer EPDM solutions in a number of European countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and the UK.


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