The Group has an average of 1,321 (1,365) full-time employees in 2023. During the summer season, the workforce in the Installation Services operating segment increases by more than 100 people.


Human resource issues are decentralized with an employee policy formulated nationally in adaptation to the country’s legislation.


Various introductory programs take place to create a smooth start for new employees. Similarly, different forms of employee surveys to reconcile job satisfaction and motivation.


Ongoing skills development focusing, for example, on productivity and broader production skills, increases the organization’s flexibility. Our philosophy is that skills development is primarily achieved through continuous learning in day-to-day work. This is complemented by training initiatives for a large number of employees, as well as for external roofers/contractors seeking further training in the industry. To monitor employee satisfaction and commitment, performance reviews are conducted alongside regular employee surveys.


Employee safety is always the highest priority, and all subsidiaries have a work environment policy. Our operations include production units, warehouses, and offices. The Finnish, Norwegian and Danish (via franchise) operations also include roofing services. The efforts in preventing and reducing the incidents and accidents take place through analysis of the under – lying causes. Each workplace has its specific risks why each subsidiary is responsible for managing health and safety work in a systematic way. This includes collecting information about and evaluating site-specific risks and reporting accidents to the Group.


Historically, the roofing industry has been a male-dominated industry regardless of personnel category. Nordic Waterproofing has a diversity policy and works to achieve its target to have a balanced mix of ethnicity, age and gender, taking into account the type of activity being conducted. Improved diversity and inclusion have the potential to further drive our development and results, both at team level and individually.

We work continuously to attract, develop and retain talented young people regardless of gender or other characteristics. Independent of gender or other aspects of diversity, each individual is offered equal opportunities in terms of career paths. The operations as a whole also work towards a more balanced mix in terms of ethnicity and gender. To reach the target to increase the awareness of its operations and being a good employer, Group companies leveraging several online platforms and channels to build relationships with new stakeholders.

Today, local management teams comprise a total of 80 individuals, of which 13 percent (14) are women. Nordic Waterproofing Holding AB’s Board of Directors consists of three men and two women. Accordingly, the proportion of women on the Board of Directors is 40 percent, which meet the target of 40 percent women.



We show enthusiasm for what we do, always. Whenever we take on a responsibility, we make sure we follow it through with the highest quality possible, and with accuracy to the last detail. We show pride in our individual responsibilities and never move on until we can look at our customer, fellow colleagues or a newly developed product and say: “it cannot be done better than this”. We reward passion and enthusiasm, enabling people to grow within the company.


Our customers trust us as a partner, as well as the products and solutions we offer. We care for that trust and do everything we can to maintain it. We nurture this by taking responsibility for ensuring that our product development, services and customer relations are characterized by first class reliability.


We are a large organization, with a well-developed, flexible and efficient logistics system. We also retain the characteristics of a small company. This is because we have created, and actively maintain, a simple structure, within which we operate. For the benefit of our customers, we cultivate a highly decentralized corporate culture geared toward efficiency and strategic targets. We trust our people’s own professional judgement and promote quick decision making to help our customers, and their often challenging, time schedules.