Dividend and dividend policy

Nordic Waterproofing strives to maintain a strong financial position that contributes to retaining the confidence of creditors and the market, which constitutes a basis for continued development of the business. Managed capital is defined as total recognized equity.

The financial targets for Nordic Waterproofing include a dividend policy and targets for the capital structure. Nordic Waterproofing aims to have an annual dividend of more than 50 percent of its net profit. The pay out decision will be based on the Group’s financial position, investment needs, general economic and business conditions liquidity position as well as general economic and business conditions.

Dividend for the financial year 2017

The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on 20 April 2018 resolved to pay out a cash dividend of SEK 3.75 per share (equivalent to 2.697182 DKK per share), a total of SEK 90 million.

Danish withholding tax

The dividend amount will be paid to Danish shareholders via VP Securities and via Euroclear Sweden shareholders in other countries. Danish withholding tax of 27 percent will be applicable and according to the Nordic Double Tax Treaty such rate should be reduced to 15 percent for shareholders resident in Sweden. Shareholders in other countries are recommended to contact their respective national tax authority or competent tax adviser.

Additional information is found in the document below and on the website of the Danish tax authority.

Link to the online claim form at the Danish tax authority.


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