Social enterprise

The Group has a decentralized organizational structure with local management responsible for employee recruitment and dialogue.

The Group had an average of 1,153 (1,033) full-time employees in 2020. During the summer season, the workforce in the operating segment Installation Services increases by more than 100 people. Human resources issues are decentralized and differ regionally even though Nordic Waterproofing is often one of the larger employers in smaller communities.


An important part of the strategy for a decentralized group lies in attracting the right expertise locally. Nordic Waterproofing is often in smaller communities a major employer. Locally recruited staff results in motivated employees and a lower staff turnover. The Group has broadened its recruitment activities, complementing traditional recruitment days by offering apprenticeships and seeking new fora in which the companies believe appropriate skills can be found. Roofing contractors have been experiencing continued personnel shortages and difficulties recruiting new skilled labourers. In order to increase access to potential staff, Nordic Waterproofing supports educational programmes in roof installation and offers trainee positions for future professionals, increasing its attractiveness in the market.


Ongoing skills development focusing, for example, on productivity and broader production skills, increases the organization’s flexibility. The Group’s philosophy is that skills development is primarily achieved through continuous learning in day-to-day work. This is complemented by training initiatives for a large number of employees, as well as for external roofers/contractors seeking further training in the industry. To monitor employee satisfaction and commitment, performance reviews are conducted alongside regular employee surveys.