Nordic Waterproofing rolls out Mataki brand for Norwegian professional market

Nordic Waterproofing’s Mataki brand holds a strong position in the Swedish professional market for roofing products. Now Mataki will become a more visible name in the Norwegian professional market and at building merchants. Well-established products are being supplemented with newly developed ones, which will be sold under the shared brand.

Nordic Waterproofing acquired Norwegian company Nortett AS in 2012 and has, since then, offered the market products under several brands. Although the Nortett brand has been used for all product categories, the differences will now be made clearer, with Nortett being aimed towards private individuals with their own projects.

“Since the outset in 1904, Mataki has maintained high quality requirements and is a strong and well-respected name in the Swedish market,” says Petter Holth, business unit manager for Nordic Waterproofing’s Norwegian operations. “We now offer a good range of Mataki products meeting the demands of the Norwegian market and we have, at the same time, expanded our range aimed at professional roofers. Accordingly, we now feel it is time to roll out Mataki at building merchants and for roofing contractors throughout Norway.”

An example of a new product is Mataki Power, a complete system that makes it easier for roofers seeking to use electrical hot air equipment to install roofing felt with watertight seams on flat roofs, regardless of whether the building has just been built or is being renovated.

“In Sweden, Mataki is a top of the line brand for the professional market,” says Martin Ellis. “Now, we will stand under the same umbrella and climb up into the Norwegian premium segment, applying the same profile in both countries. Part of this work will be featured on our new Norwegian website, and in a new film.”

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Petter Holth, affärsenhetschef Norge
Telephone: +47 901 49 325

Jonas Olin, CFO och investerarrelationer
Telephone: +46 708 29 14 54