Corporate Governance

Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S is a Danish public limited liability company, with company registration number 33395361, and is governed by the provisions of the Danish Companies Act. The registered office of the company is situated in Vejen, Denmark, with operational headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap.

Corporate Governance framework
Nordic Waterproofing Holding A/S aims to maintain an appropriate corporate governance framework to ensure active, reliable and profitable business management. The corporate governance is based upon applicable Danish legislation and other external rules and instructions, including the Danish Company Act, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rulebook, the Swedish Securities Council on good practices in the stock market, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code), and internal guidelines including Articles of Association, instructions, policies and guidelines.

The application of the Code is fully consistent with the Danish Companies Act and Danish recommendations on corporate governance.