EPDM Systems – acquisition adds to knowledge and customer base in key marketAt EPDM Systems’ modern facilities, 34 employees prefabricate EPDM membranes according to the customer’s specific needs.

EPDM Systems – acquisition adds to knowledge and customer base in key market

EPDM Systems BV of the Netherlands was established in 1997, when its founder observed and understood the benefits of using EPDM materials for roofing.

The company started as an exclusive importer of the EPDM material Prelasti to the Netherlands market. The current Managing Director, Edwin van Dijk, joined the company in 1998 as a sales representative and was, from EPDM Systems BV’s inception, a leader in expanding the business to its current level. In 2004, Edwin van Dijk became co-owner of the company.

In 2003, EPDM Systems commenced development of self-adhesive EPDM for gutters and façade applications. Three years later, EPDM Systems began selling the Geotop brand, providing pond seals and geomembranes for gardeners. The company also began installing EPDM geomembranes for private ponds, industrial ponds, swimming ponds, and water buffering. In 2007, EPDM Systems acquired the business activities of Topskin BV (with its proprietary label Topskin EPDM), developing the brand and achieving a leading position in the market, particularly among builders’ merchants. In 2011, EPDM Systems introduced Superseal to offer a complete portfolio of EPDM products.

“The company focuses on sustainable products, making us as a reliable partner for our customers, and we offer a complete portfolio for roofs, facades and gutters, as well as applications in the geo industry,” says Mr van Dijk. “Combined, our customers experience the high standard offered by our products and services. Every day, we focus to satisfy our customers with quick lead times and excellent support. Internally, our culture remains informal, with a very strong team, dedicated to realizing our own ambitious standards.”

“As a subsidiary of SealEco, EPDM Systems has now become part of Nordic Waterproofing Group. This is a result of our long history of working closely together. We will benefit from SealEco’s worldwide experience and, being part of a manufacturing company, we are more able to expand our business to the leading customers in the Netherlands market. Put simply, our 1+1=3 formula means that, together with SealEco, we are much stronger in the market than before,” says Mr van Dijk.


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